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ReFormers Caucus Puts 2016 Candidates on Notice

This week, the ReFormers are issuing a challenge to the 2016 presidential candidates:  Discuss specific solutions they would support to end the dominance of money in politics. In a letter to the Republican and Democratic debate moderators, the ReFormers are demanding that candidates be held accountable for providing substantive policy proposals. Check out the letter below! (click to enlarge)   Issue One’s

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Bipartisan ‘ReFormers Caucus’ Launches in Washington, Demands Action on Money-in-Politics Reform

Yesterday, Issue One’s bipartisan group of more than 100 former members of Congress and governors gathered on Capitol Hill to call for renewed action to enact solutions to money in politics. The ReFormers Caucus is the largest bipartisan group of former elected officials speaking out for comprehensive campaign finance reform ever assembled. Currently, the ReFormers include former representatives, senators, governors,

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Reform Victories on Election Night in Maine and Seattle

Last night, reform won big. At the time of writing, Mainers have approved the Clean Elections initiative with more than 55 percent of the vote and I-122, with its novel system of “democracy vouchers,” has garnered more than 60 percent of the vote in Seattle. These victories follow a number of past successes and reflect a clear step toward further

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The Bipartisan Movement for Reform in Iowa is Growing

Iowa Pays the Price, a project of Issue One working to educate Iowans about the role of money in elections, is rapidly gathering steam for their bipartisan reform movement in Iowa. Yesterday the group announced the conservative Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition had signed on to support money-in-politics reform along with the progressive organization, Progress Iowa. Steve Scheffler, president of

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