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Using the Courts to Protect Campaign Finance Laws

This is the fifth installment of our blog series on Blueprints for Democracy, a new collection of solutions policymakers can implement to give everyone a greater say in their democracy. Read the full series here. There is perhaps no single element of the campaign finance superstructure more derided than the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision. Rightly or not, many

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The $400,000 Question: Does Mitch McConnell now support Senate e-filing?

Congress finally passed an omnibus budget deal today, after tense negotiations that nearly resulted in another federal government shutdown. While neither Democrats nor Republicans were thrilled with the contents of the final bill, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is bound to be disappointed. He went to bat for several riders to loosen campaign finance restrictions and increase the flow of secret

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Former Elected Officials to Obama: Show Us the Money!

Today, 14 members of Issue One’s ReFormers Caucus released a letter to President Obama asking him to show us the money. That’s the gist of their letter to the White House urging the President to sign an executive order to require full disclosure of political spending by federal contractors. In doing so, he could shine a light on the contracting process

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ReFormer Sen. Alan Simpson to GOP Debate: Discuss Solutions to Money in Politics

Today, Time published an op-ed by Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY), co-chair of Issue One’s Advisory Board and active member of our ReFormers Caucus. In this piece, the former GOP senator urges the Republican presidential candidates participating in tonight’s  debate to seize the moment and share their solutions for the problem they all decry of money’s outsized dominance in our political system:

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ReFormers Caucus airs ad demanding action on campaign finance reform

Today, Issue One’s ReFormers Caucus aired an ad during CNN’s “Newsroom,” Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” programs to introduce the growing bipartisan support for money-in-politics reform and to emphasize solutions to America’s governing crisis. In the 60 second ad, former senator and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and former senator and RNC chair Bill Brock

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ReFormers Caucus tells debate moderators: Ask about money-in-politics reform!

The ReFormers Caucus of more than 100 former members of Congress and governors is bringing greater attention and purpose to money-in-politics reform. That’s why they’re reaching out to debate moderators and pushing them to ask the critical question: what specifically will candidates do to ensure our government is truly of, by and for the people? “The presidential debates are some

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Happening Now: Hearing on Gambling Bills and Crony Capitalism

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, chaired by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), is  holding a hearing right now on the “Restore America’s Wire Act,” a bill that would ban states from legalizing online gambling. As Andrew Langer, president of the Institute for Liberty, a conservative policy advocacy group, opines in the Washington Examiner, there are a number of red

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This Holiday Season, Bond With Your Family Over Campaign Finance (Seriously)

The holidays are approaching which means it’s time to start picking up presents, brainstorming new year’s resolutions and, of course, thinking of ways to talk about the 2016 elections with your family without inciting a shouting match. Here’s a suggestion: Talk about something that everyone agrees is a problem—money in politics. New polling from Pew Research shows that 76 percent

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Congress needs to act immediately to provide states with the emergency federal funding they need to run safe, secure and credible elections in November. The previous federal funding was an important down payment, but reports from state and local election officials indicate substantially more federal emergency assistance is needed as soon as possible. Issue One and many others are working to convince Senators to vote in July for more funding so that our November elections are safe, secure, and fair.