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ReFormer Rep. Jim Leach on Every Voice Podcast

The day after the Iowa caucuses, former Iowa Congressman and ReFormer Jim Leach spoke with Every Voice’s Adam Smith about how the pervasive influence of money in politics affected the race in Iowa and how it has changed the legislative process over the years. “Money can buy a lot… It can make candidate look cheerful and happy… It can make

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ReFormer Jim Leach Stresses Voter Value before Caucus

Former Republican Congressman and ReFormer Caucus member Jim Leach appeared on Sioux City’s NBC’s affiliate KITV last Friday to address how skyrocketing campaign spending has distorted the process in the Iowa caucuses. In addition, he advocated for increased disclosure on political spending in his home state because, “If you were to ask a typical Iowan who pays for these ads,

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