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ReFormers Caucus One Year Recap

In an exciting first year of work the ReFormers have helped move money in politics to the front of the political debate.  One year ago former members of Congress on Issue One’s Advisory Board invited fellow former members to learn more about Issue One’s work, and invited them to join the fight to reduce the power of money in American politics. Twenty-one former

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Small Donors Will Fund Tallahassee 2016 Elections

Today’s reminder that reform isn’t just about winning an election!  Tallahassee, Florida, where a Tea Party/progressive grassroots alliance passed strong new ethics rules and citizen-funding of elections, is officially turning on the engine of their new system. The 2014 ballot initiative was backed by 67 percent of voters, and is proof that the push for a stronger democracy transcends party lines. Back

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Why doesn’t Missouri already have these basic ethics laws?

File this one under “Obvious, Captain.”: Missourians overwhelmingly support tougher ethics laws for public officials, according to a new poll. Ethics rules are some of the least discussed (but most critical) aspects of a strong, robust campaign finance system. When elected officials are truly beholden to the people they represent instead of special interests who may try to influence our

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Dark Money May Get A Little Brighter

Voters are finally beginning to learn who is funding political campaigns in their states. According to a recent poll conducted by the National Conference of State Legislatures, thirty-eight states are considering new disclosure laws that would require dark money organizations to disclose donors, including one proposed in Arkansas by Representative Clarke Tucker. Dark money groups have become highly influential in

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Time to Fix the FEC, the Most Broken Agency in Washington

Among the many solutions that could be enacted today without a constitutional amendment, perhaps one of the most important is an overhaul of the notoriously dysfunctional Federal Election Commission. Charged with enforcing existing campaign finance rules, this agency is so gridlocked by partisan politics that commissioners not only have failed to prevent super PACs and other outside spenders from dominating

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On Super Tuesday, A Battle Plan to Save Democracy

Tens of millions of political dollars have been injected into the 12 states holding their primaries this Super Tuesday as the presidential candidates angle for the 1,639 delegates that are up for grabs. Because of such massive outlays, political spending in 2016 will likely reach $10 billion, blowing the roof off all previous records. Yet, amidst the blinding blizzard of

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