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Modernizing Committee unanimously passes 16 new recommendations to increase bipartisanship, civility, and efficiency in Congress

Today, the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress unanimously passed 16 new recommendations to increase bipartisanship and civility in the House, as well as make Congress more efficient.  During the meeting, Chairman Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-WA) said, “Every member of this committee believes that Congress is stronger when members find ways to work together and solve problems.”  “Even during times

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Issue One to House members: Vote for Modernizing Committee recommendations

Today, Issue One sent the following letter to all House offices urging them to vote in support of the bipartisan recommendations from the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress. — Earlier this week, Representatives Derek Kilmer (D-WA) and Tom Graves (R-GA) introduced a bipartisan resolution to create a more efficient and responsive House of Representatives.  H.Res. 756, Moving Our

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Foundations, it’s time to give 1% of your assets to fix Democracy

This op-ed by Nick Penniman and Ian Simmons originally appeared in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Today, the foundations of our republic are cracking. The rule of law, the underpinning of our entire system of government, is being challenged from the White House. Foreign powers are interfering in our elections. Congress is gridlocked and consumed by hyperpartisanship. Only half of Americans believe the 2020 elections will be

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Modernization Committee introduces bipartisan legislation with nearly 30 recommendations to help fix Congress

Today, the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress will introduce legislation (H.R. 756) that includes nearly 30 recommendations that were made by the committee and passed unanimously over the past year. “The House should pass this resolution before they leave for the holidays,” said Issue One Executive Director Meredith McGehee. “These bipartisan recommendations will help make Congress more effective

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FCC admonishes TV stations for political ad non-disclosures following Issue One & Campaign Legal Center complaints

Following complaints filed by Issue One and the Campaign Legal Center (CLC), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) admonished two television stations this week for not properly disclosing important information on paid political advertising that ran during the 2016 special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, which was the most expensive U.S. House election in American history. “We are pleased that

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