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Coordination Watch, February 2020: Media reports draw attention to coordination issues with super PACs, outside groups in 2020 races

Outside groups, like super PACs and dark money organizations, frequently skirt anti-coordination rules designed to prevent wealthy donors and special interests from garnering undue influence in our elections. Issue One published a groundbreaking report last month called “Coordination Watch,” designed to help the public and the press identify coordination between outside groups and candidates.  This project detailed six questions to

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Swamp Stories Episode 5: A Gerrymandering Tale You Haven’t Heard

“Politicians shouldn’t pick their voters. Voters should pick their politicians.” No reform issue has gained more momentum across the country in recent years than banning partisan gerrymandering. It’s united Republicans, Democrats, and independents at the state and local level who want better representation and more say in how district lines are drawn. But it’s also brought the fight over political

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10 numbers to know from the newest 2020 campaign finance reports

Even as the loss of a quorum prevents the Federal Election Commission (FEC) from performing most of its duties, the agency continues to make the campaign finance reports filed by candidates and groups available on its website. Here are some of the most critical numbers to know from the latest reports, which were filed by presidential candidates on Thursday. How

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Swamp Stories Episode 4: The Super PAC Surprise

“We have a system in which the candidates can’t even control their own campaign. And when others can control the campaigns, and it’s being driven not by principle, but profit, you know, you’re going to end up with a system that is badly @#$%&* up.”  That’s what Mark McKinnon, former political advisor to George W. Bush and John McCain, said

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Issue One joins bipartisan amicus brief in Michigan redistricting case to support nonpartisan commission approved by voters in 2018

Today, Issue One joins a group of political reform organizations in filing an amicus brief at the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Michigan in support of the voter-approved independent redistricting commission that passed overwhelmingly in 2018.  “We know that you cannot take the politics out of redistricting, but you can and should take the politicians

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Swamp Stories Episode 3: Secret Slush Funds

“That sounds like a loophole.”  Five words from former California Congressman Henry Waxman (D) summarizes episode three of Issue One’s podcast “Swamp Stories” about secret slush funds in Congress (also known as leadership PACs). And Waxman should know: He originally helped create leadership PACs back in 1978, not to allow for lavish living as they are used today, but to

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Four things we learned from the latest House and Senate campaign finance filings

Congressional candidates filed their latest campaign finance reports last week, detailing their fundraising and expenditures between October 1 and December 31, 2019. Here are some key numbers to know, based on an Issue One review of these new filings. $1.4 million  The median amount of money raised during the fourth quarter by a sitting senator running for reelection in 2020

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Swamp Stories Episode 2: Extorting the People’s House

When new members are elected to Congress, there’s a two-month gap between election day and their swearing-in. Not long after in 2019, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) exposed one of Washington’s most bizarre and corrupt secrets in an interview. What she didn’t know at the time was only a handful of other members of Congress had spoken so brazenly about how

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9 numbers to know about the latest campaign finance filings in the presidential race

All presidential candidates and super PACs focused on the presidential race were required to file new campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) by midnight on Friday. Even as the loss of a quorum prevents the agency from performing most of its duties, the FEC continues to make campaign finance reports available on its website, for the candidates

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