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Swamp Stories episode 24: The Arms Race That Won’t End

More than $1 billion worth of unaccountable “dark money” flowed into the 2020 election at the federal level. This secretive spending by groups with anonymous donors has a corrosive influence on American politics and leaves voters and candidates in the dark about who is attempting to influence their votes and the outcome of an election.  As Congress considers campaign finance

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Issue One statement on the #StopAsianHate day of action

Today has been designated a “national day of healing and action” to #StopAsianHate by Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) activists in response to the ongoing wave of hate crimes against members of their communities. Issue One released the following statement in solidarity with the AAPI community: “The surge of racism and xenophobia against the AAPI community during the pandemic, most

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Issue One statement on Senator Joe Manchin’s call for bipartisan democracy reform and the passage of Georgia’s election proposals

Issue One issued the following statement in response to Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) call for bipartisan democracy reform and the passage of SB 202 in the Georgia House of Representatives: “We are encouraged by Senator Joe Manchin’s desire to work with members from both parties to strengthen our democracy and protect Americans’ right to vote. This is an historic opportunity

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In new congressional testimony, Issue One urges Congress to strengthen the legislative branch

Today, Issue One Executive Director Meredith McGehee submitted written testimony to the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress, calling on congressional leaders to strengthen Congress and build a legislative branch that is capable, representative, transparent, and resilient.  McGehee’s testimony focused on Congress’ ability to attract and retain a diverse and capable staff. McGehee expressed concern about congressional brain drain

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“In the wake of a successful election, legislators should be working to make the electoral process more secure and accessible — not curtailing Americans’ ability to vote,” says bipartisan National Council on Election Integrity about state voting proposals

In response to the more than 250 bills introduced by lawmakers in more than 43 states around the country to limit voting access, the National Council on Election Integrity released the following statement: “All Americans — Republicans, Democrats, and independents — should reject these misguided measures that make it more difficult to vote.  “In the wake of an election that

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New Congress, Same “Committee Tax”: How the parties pressured legislative leaders to raise huge sums of campaign cash during the 116th Congress — and are poised to do so again this year

One of the open secrets of Washington is that both the Democratic and Republican parties strong-arm influential legislators to raise astronomical amounts of campaign cash. Referred to as paying “party dues,” lawmakers are pressured to transfer huge sums from their campaigns and affiliated PACs to the parties as well as spend countless hours “dialing for dollars” to raise six- and

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