15 years since bipartisan law passed tackling money in politics. Here’s what has changed since then

Fifteen years ago today, Republican President George W. Bush signed into law the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, which tackled some of the most egregious campaign finance problems of the day. Most notably, the law prohibited political parties from raising unlimited donations from individuals, corporations and unions, so-called “soft money” contributions. The measure, also known as McCain-Feingold after its

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Here’s how President Trump’s Speech Should Have Addressed Draining the Swamp

In his joint address to Congress last night, President Trump laid out a broad agenda, from jobs and health care, to taxes and national security, for change in Washington. However, it failed to address the real culprit behind gridlock in Washington: the undue influence moneyed interests have on decision-making by elected and appointed officials. While the executive order on ethics

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115th Congress ReFormers Caucus Lunch

With the 115th Congress in full swing, a bipartisan group of Issue One’s ReFormers Caucus hosted a lunch to discuss how they could be most effective in promoting and advocating for issues critical to democracy in the coming months. Conservative Republican Representative Ken Buck, who represents eastern Colorado and just started his second term in Congress after being his freshman

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Things to Watch Out For: Weakening the Office of Congressional Ethics

You probably remember that the Monday before the 115th Congress was sworn in, in the dead of the night on a holiday, House Republicans tried (and failed) to pass rules to weaken the independent ethics office meant to police members of Congress. Last month, however, Meredith McGehee, Issue One’s Chief of Policy, Programs and Strategy, highlighted one little-noticed rule that

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Bipartisan Bills Bring Senate Disclosure into 21st Century

Late last week, Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) introduced two campaign finance-related bills: the Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act (e-file bill) and the Sunlight for Unaccountable Non-profits (SUN) Act. Both were also introduced previously in the 114th Congress. The bipartisan, widely popular e-file bill saves money by requiring U.S. Senate candidates to file their campaign finance reports electronically, rather than on

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Announcing Issue One’s Snapshots Project

Let’s face it: Not everyone can follow every money in politics, ethics or conflict of interest story, especially when there are daily — or hourly — developments. But we also live in a country where 93 percent of citizens think government is more responsive to deep-pocketed donors than the people. We need to seriously address these issues in order to

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House Passes Bill Requiring Transparency from Presidential Library Donors

This week, the House passed the bipartisan Presidential Library Donation Reform Act, sponsored by Tennessee Republican John Duncan and co-sponsored by Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings. Under current law, presidential libraries are built with private funds that can be raised in any amount, from any source, including foreign governments or corporations. This has lead to claims of conflict of interest. For

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The 115th Congress starts today, and so does our congressional fundraising time tracker

It’s time to reset our congressional fundraising counter! In July 2016, we launched a counter presenting a rough running estimate of how much time members of Congress collectively spent raising money for their campaigns since the start of the 114th Congress. Based on the advice given to members by the Democratic and Republican national party committees, and statements by the

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