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Issue One launches “FEC M.I.A.” to spotlight nation’s broken election watchdog

Today, Issue One launched FEC M.I.A. to hold the president and Senate accountable for allowing the nation’s election watchdog to effectively shutter, and call on all six seats on the FEC to be filled by new commissioners. “The Federal Election Commission was already broken, but now it is in shambles and can’t even perform the most basic law-enforcement functions as

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5 things we learned from the latest round of 2020 campaign finance reports

Congressional and presidential candidates alike filed their latest batch of campaign finance reports on Monday, detailing their fundraising and expenditures between April 1 and June 30. Here are some key numbers to know, based on an Issue One review of these new filings. $1.1 million The median amount of money raised during the second quarter by a sitting senator running

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FEC deadlocks and greenlights workaround for House members spending on charter and private flights. Personal use of leadership PAC funds should be banned.

Earlier this week, the Federal Election Commission deadlocked on, and then dismissed, a case against Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) leadership PAC that alleged the PAC abused its funds by paying for more than $5,500 in private air travel in 2018. “This is further evidence the FEC is busted and broke, and is unable to enforce the most basic rules,” said Issue One

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New FEC inspector general report describes a hobbled watchdog

A new report from the Office of Inspector General at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) provides new information about how the agency’s internal watchdog has been hamstrung for months — a concerning state of affairs that was also detailed in Issue One’s recent report “Busted and Broke: Why the Federal Election Commission doesn’t work.” In short: The FEC’s Office of

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FEC approves proposal offering cybersecurity services to campaigns

At today’s Federal Election Commission (FEC) meeting, Chair Ellen Weintraub announced that the commission has issued a final advisory opinion approving the proposal of Defending Digital Campaigns (DDC), a bipartisan group (led by former campaign managers of Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns) that plans to offer cybersecurity services to political candidates and party committees at free or reduced rates. Weintraub

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Federal Election Commission discusses, then tables, proposal to speed up its enforcement process

At today’s public meeting of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Commissioner Steven Walther, a self-identified independent who is typically part of the FEC’s Democratic bloc, introduced a measure that aims to speed up the agency’s enforcement process. Currently, enforcement matters can linger for up to four years before the agency is required to take any action. Once the matter is

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