Money in Politics

Six key numbers to know from the latest House and Senate campaign finance filings

Just months after the 2020 elections, members of Congress have already started to raise large sums for their 2022 reelection efforts.  All House and Senate candidates filed new campaign finance reports last week that detailed their fundraising and expenditures between January 1 and March 31, 2021. Here are some key numbers to know, based on an Issue One review of

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Outsized Influence: 12 political megadonors are responsible for $1 of every $13 in federal elections since Citizens United and 25% of all giving from the top 100 ZIP codes — a total of $3.4 billion

As Congress debates potential changes to the nation’s campaign finance system designed to empower ordinary Americans, new research from Issue One shows the extent to which wealthy, overwhelmingly white donors dominate political giving in the post-Citizens United era. In fact, just 12 megadonors — at least eight of whom are billionaires — contributed a combined $3.4 billion to federal candidates and

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