A republic, if you can keep it

Former Ambassador and ReFormer Tim Roemer (D-IN) spoke last week at the historic Chautauqua Institution summer series, focusing on money and power. Throughout its history, Chautauqua has seen some of America’s greatest leaders share its space: Booker T. Washington, President Franklin Roosevelt, Vice President Al Gore and Governor Tom Ridge (a recent addition to the ReFormers Caucus). You can watch

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ReFormers Caucus: Fixing Democracy Should be a Top Priority of Congress

As our country celebrates its independence, the ReFormers Caucus calls on Congress and the next president to make restoring the integrity of our democracy a top priority. Two hundred and forty years ago, our Founders fought against tyranny and boldly proposed a new form of government that would derive its power from the consent of the people. Today, this experiment in self-government

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New Poll Shows Money in Politics Is A Top Voting Concern

Download the results from Ipsos here, and our toplines and analysis here.  Americans believe reducing the influence of money in politics is one of the top five most important issues facing the country ahead of the November elections, according to a new Issue One-Ipsos national poll. The results suggest there is a disconnect between the public’s priorities and their elected officials’

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It’s Time to Call Money in Politics a Crisis

The ReFormers Caucus is kicking off a new campaign urging everyone—from the Beltway to the Heartland—to call money in politics a crisis. Why call money in politics a crisis? Money in politics is not a new problem, but it has gone from a slow burning issue to an out-and-out crisis for a number of reasons—from misguided Supreme Court decisions to

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Obama Calls Out Dark Money. So Why Won’t He Act?

Yesterday, President Obama traveled to Illinois to deliver a speech on the “better politics” he described last month in his final State of the Union. The main thrust? In order to reach our full potential as a nation, we must first address our broken political system, including dark money in elections. We’ve got to build a better politics. One that’s

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Disclosure Isn’t Complicated. Why Are We So Bad At It?

In Politico this morning, reporter Ken Vogel makes this disturbing observation about the state of transparency and disclosure in U.S. elections: “Big-money outside groups have spent more than $143 million in the presidential race in the six months since any of them were required to reveal their donors… The origins of some of that cash will never be revealed, while

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ReFormer Sen. Alan Simpson to GOP Debate: Discuss Solutions to Money in Politics

Today, Time published an op-ed by Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY), co-chair of Issue One’s Advisory Board and active member of our ReFormers Caucus. In this piece, the former GOP senator urges the Republican presidential candidates participating in tonight’s  debate to seize the moment and share their solutions for the problem they all decry of money’s outsized dominance in our political system:

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Is Trump Illegally Coordinating with a Super PAC?

New reporting from the Washington Post today explores potential coordination between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and a super PAC that can take in unlimited donations from the types of wealthy special interests Trump has spent his campaign lambasting. Here’s the lowdown: Trump has criticized the rest of the Republican field for cozying up to the wealthy donors that fund

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The ReFormers Caucus is ready to get to work

Last Tuesday, 26 members of our bipartisan ReFormers Caucus of former members of Congress and governors got together to discuss how they as a group can most effectively raise the profile of the money-in-politics issue and move it to the front of the political debate going into 2016. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the room to get to

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Connect with Us

The Phase III stimulus bill allocated $400 million to states to bolster their election infrastructures. Although this was an important down payment, states need more funding. We’re continuing to pressure Congress and advocate for more funding in the Phase IV stimulus package so that our elections are safe, secure, and fair this year.