Returning Government to the American People

A policy framework generated by a bipartisan working group of the ReFormers Caucus

Issue One and our ReFormers Caucus are pleased to announce a new bipartisan framework titled “Returning Government to the American People.” 

The framework lays out specific proposals for returning our government to the representative path the founders envisioned, and is intended to serve as a starting point for bipartisan conversations in Washington. Implemented together, these proposals would “drain the swamp” and sever the money connection between powerful private interests and our elected government. The framework reflects the thinking of a working group of our ReFormers Caucus, which is made up of Republican and Democratic former members of Congress and governors. In their view and ours, these are the proposals most worth pursuing to fix our politics. All of the proposals in the framework would be expected to survive court challenge under current Supreme Court jurisprudence.

The framework lays out proposals under five major headings:

  1. Promoting transparency and disclosure.
  2. Increasing participation in elections.
  3. Reducing pay-to-play.
  4. Strengthening enforcement of existing laws.
  5. Improving government integrity and accountability.

We are facing an unprecedented crisis of confidence in government, and now, more than ever, we must come together and chart a path toward returning government to the people.


Learn more about the framework: