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Reform Victories on Election Night in Maine and Seattle

Last night, reform won big. At the time of writing, Mainers have approved the Clean Elections initiative with more than 55 percent of the vote and I-122, with its novel system of “democracy vouchers,” has garnered more than 60 percent of the vote in Seattle. These victories follow a number of past successes and reflect a clear step toward further

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The Bipartisan Movement for Reform in Iowa is Growing

Iowa Pays the Price, a project of Issue One working to educate Iowans about the role of money in elections, is rapidly gathering steam for their bipartisan reform movement in Iowa. Yesterday the group announced the conservative Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition had signed on to support money-in-politics reform along with the progressive organization, Progress Iowa. Steve Scheffler, president of

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Conservatives Heart Democracy Reform

As we often say at Issue One, reducing the influence of money in politics is not a partisan cause; it’s an all-American one. Enter Take Back Our Republic, a nonprofit focused on making the case to conservatives that reform should be on the top of their minds at the ballot box. Executive Director John Pudner’s claim to fame was helping

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This Election Day: A Chance for Campaign Finance Reform in Maine and Seattle

If you’re from Maine or Seattle, you’re probably used to high-quality seafood, lovely forests and the smell of the ocean on the wind. There’s now one more thing that could soon link residents of the northern corners: meaningful campaign finance reform. Come Tuesday, November 3, Seattleites and Mainers will have the chance to enact initiatives that would empower citizens to

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GOP Debate All Reform Style, no Reform Substance

While several candidates in last night’s CNBC Republican primary debate made mention of the side effects of money in politics, once again, none offered substantive solutions to fix America’s governing crisis. Both Carly Fiorina and Sen. Ted Cruz decried the insidious symbiotic relationship between government, special interests and lobbyists. But without providing concrete policies, such as banning contributions from lobbyists

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Huntsman and Roemer: Level of Money in Politics Threatens “The Future of Our Democracy”

Big news! Gov. Jon Huntsman (R-UT) and Amb. Tim Roemer (D-IN), two members of our bipartisan ReFormers Caucus, on Wednesday wrote a strong piece in Politico describing solutions to our governing crisis that Republicans in tonight’s debate should support. Appearing in the online Magazine and in print, their thought piece is one of the most high-profile validations thus far of the ReFormers and the

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Solutions to the insidious problem of crony capitalism

The Center for Economic Development (CED) released a report last week detailing the price we all pay when the campaign finance system is rigged to allow corporations and and special interests outsize influence over policy. “Crony Capitalism: Unhealthy Relations Between Business and Government” discusses three trends which have combined to distort our economic system: the growth of government, rising campaign

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The ReFormers Caucus Goes Public

We’re excited to announce that on Thursday, November 5, Issue One will publicly launch the ReFormers Caucus, a bipartisan group of former governors and members of Congress working to solve America’s governing crisis by standing for solutions to reduce the influence of money in politics. We’ll be taking to the Capitol to bring this powerful group together, where some of

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Breaking: Bill allowing massive donations to national political parties has resulted in massive donations to national political party

Here’s another story to file under, “both parties are part of the problem:” see lobbyists comma Democratic national convention. The Hill reported today that top officials at the Democratic National Committee met with some of the country’s top lobbyists to entice them to help fund the party’s 2016 convention. In exchange for providing top dollars, lobbyists representing companies like H&R Block and General Motors will receive

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Number One Fear For Americans: Corruption

According to Chapman University’s new Survey of American Fears, Halloween isn’t what scares Americans most. Corruption of government officials, which made 58 percent of respondents “Afraid” or “Very Afraid,” topped the list, above terrorism (traditional, cyber- and bio-), economic collapse and credit card fraud. The idea that our government acts not for voters, but for donors, is truly a scary

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