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ReFormers Caucus Statement Calls Money in Politics a Crisis with Solutions

The ReFormers Caucus, a bipartisan group of more than 100 former members of Congress and governors—including Ambassador Tim Roemer, Sec. Chuck Hagel, Sen. Tom Daschle and Gov. Christine Todd Whitman—released a statement today declaring that the power of money in our elections threatens the integrity of our democracy, and points out that nearly nine out of 10 Americans, from across

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Victory in Connecticut – Proposed Cuts to Clean Elections Program Defeated

In a major reform victory, concerted pressure has led Democrats in the Connecticut legislature to eliminate a proposed suspension of the state’s landmark public financing system. The proposal, which would have shaved $11.7 million off of the state’s budget by cutting the program’s funding for the 2016 election, came under fire from reform groups and legislators inside the state and

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How States and Cities are Empowering Small Donors

This is the second installment of our blog series on Blueprints for Democracy, a new collection of solutions policymakers can implement to give everyone a greater say in their democracy. Read the full series here. In the last Blueprints for Democracy entry, we discussed the various types of citizen funding systems. Here’s how cities and states are utilizing those different

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Not So Sweet: How The Sugar Industry Buys Policy, and What We Can Do About It

Harvard Professor and Issue One Advisory Board Member Malcolm Salter has an excellent op-ed in Forbes detailing how the sugar industry uses campaign contributions and lobbying to artificially inflate the price of sugar and maintain billion dollar subsidies. The sugar industry, which Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush have held up as a prime example of crony capitalism,

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At UMD, Republicans and Democrats Signal Support For Money-in-Politics Reform

The ReFormers Caucus launched this month and is already putting money-in-politics reform at the tops of hearts and minds across the country. Last Thursday, former representatives and Caucus members Connie Morella (R-MD) and Tom McMillen (D-MD) joined Congressman John Sarbanes (D-MD) and Republican Governor Larry Hogan’s policy director, Adam Dubitsky, for a vibrant round-table discussion on how to reorient government

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How Citizen Funding Systems Empower Everyone

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting policies from the Blueprints for Democracy, a new collection of solutions policymakers can implement to give everyone a greater say in their democracy. Read the full series here. Citizen funding programs, known elsewhere as public financing, offer a proven and effective means of empowering the general public to participate in the democratic process.

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Campaign Finance, a Top Issue to Voters, Undiscussed in Fox GOP Debate

Homeland security, taxes, the size of government, campaign finance. Of these issues, the top four being mentioned on Facebook, only one was left undiscussed in last night’s Fox Business GOP presidential primary debate. Americans care deeply about the level of money in our elections, which makes its omission last night deeply troubling. The debate focused on the economy and business,

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ReFormers Caucus Puts 2016 Candidates on Notice

This week, the ReFormers are issuing a challenge to the 2016 presidential candidates:  Discuss specific solutions they would support to end the dominance of money in politics. In a letter to the Republican and Democratic debate moderators, the ReFormers are demanding that candidates be held accountable for providing substantive policy proposals. Check out the letter below! (click to enlarge)   Issue One’s

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