Our Work

Fixing our democracy is a big task. But we have the power to make it happen.


Advisory Board Members

A bipartisan group comprised of nationally recognized CEOs, academics, authors and thought leaders.


ReFormers Caucus Members

A bipartisan group of former members of Congress, governors and Cabinet officials working for solutions to fix our democracy.

The moment we’ve been waiting for is now

To pass game-changing legislation, Issue One is:

Building a winning coalition.

We’re reaching out to both sides of the aisle to create the coalition we need to win game-changing legislation. Our ReFormers Caucus and Advisory Board are leveraging their reputations and networks to bring new allies into the fold, creating new urgency to address the crisis and building consensus around solutions. We’re bringing everyone to the table because we need everyone to win this fight.

Promoting proven policy solutions.

Solutions to our governing crisis exist and are already working in cities and states across the country. At the federal level, we have a proven legislative strategy for advancing change, and we’re working with current and former members of Congress to educate lawmakers about solutions and disrupt Washington’s do-nothing status quo.

Current Projects

The ReFormers Caucus of former members of Congress, governors and Cabinet officials is the largest bipartisan coalition of its kind ever assembled to advocate for solutions to fix our democracy.  

Our Policy and Programs team advocates to strengthen ethics and accountability in government and our political system with common-sense solutions that resonate across the aisle.

Blueprints for Democracy is designed to meet the challenge of money-in-politics reform with concrete proof – proof that Americans in cities and states all over the country can make their elections more open, their campaigns more transparent and their lawmakers more accountable.

A collection of the best statements, polling and research from Republicans and conservatives concerned about the role of money in politics.

Past Initiatives

Bipartisan Recruitment

January 8, 2015

Successful reform efforts will require support from across the political spectrum, so Issue One has made it a priority to bring broaden our coalition beyond traditional good government groups. Through collaborative efforts on both sides of the aisle, the faces pushing for new solutions are dramatically more diverse and representative of Americans of both parties.

Messaging Toolkits

February 8, 2015

As part of Issue One’s commitment to provide resources for the entire reform sector, we will release messaging toolkits based on “Price We All Pay” research. These toolkits will ensure the movement is united around an effective narrative, and help amplify our message and goals.

New Mexico Lobbying Disclosure

February 10, 2015

In 2014 Issue One provided funding to Common Cause New Mexico, which used the “Price We All Pay” message frame to drive support for specific solutions. Through paid and earned media campaigns, business coalition building and community organizing, the New Mexico legislature passed important new lobbying reforms.

“Price We All Pay” Messaging Research

February 13, 2015

In order to make clear the connection between money in politics and Americans’ lives, Issue One commissioned in-depth research on how to tie this issue to everyday concerns. The resulting “Price We All Pay” messaging frame makes the issue personally relevant to people from all walks of life, connecting the dots between unfettered money in politics and a broken system that stalls progress on the issues they care about most. Already this groundbreaking work has changed the way the entire reform sector talks about the problem and solutions, and has been adopted at every level of debate, from state-level fights to national figures and organizations.

Strategic Overview

February 23, 2015

After a highly collaborative research process, Issue One produced its Strategic Overview, an overarching document intended to help donors who are new to the cause of money in politics make sense of the reform sector. The report defines six core categories of work crucial to reform success, along with a summary of strategies that are currently being pursued or can be launched. Issue One will release an updated Overview in the coming months to reflect important progress toward substantive reform.

Unity Statement of Principles

February 28, 2015

Based off Issue One’s “Price We All Pay” messaging research, the Unity Statement is a collaboration among over 140 organizations across the spectrum of political, advocacy, and interest groups. The statement reflects policies already working in many parts of the country to ensure a democracy where everyone participates and everyone’s voice is heard; where everyone knows who is buying influence in our elections and government; and where politicians play by common sense rules and are held accountable with enforceable penalties to deter bad behavior.

Victory 2021

June 8, 2015

Issue One helped lead investment in and development of the first-ever multi-year battle plan that maps out precisely where (and how) we can prevail in the coming years. The “Victory 2021” plan provides focus for a diverse coalition and gives marching orders to those working toward reform. Additionally, the plan provides an opportunity for donors to gain access to information about the good work being done within the money-in-politics reform community, where organizations and leaders are collaborating and aligning their activities, and where investments are needed, all directed towards efforts that will build momentum toward ultimate success.

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