McDonnell v. United States Coverage Round-Up

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court decided McDonnell v. United States, an important corruption case involving the former Governor of Virginia. It’s easy to get lost in the news coverage, so here’s Issue One’s guide to what’s worth reading: Our coverage of the case is two-fold. We wrote an explainer of the case, updated yesterday with the decision. We also issued a statement

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Everything you need to know about McDonnell v. United States

*Updated – June 27, 2016* The 2016 election will be remembered for many things, but particularly for the widespread appeal of the calls to clean up Washington made by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Donald Trump. The Supreme Court, too, has felt renewed attention on its decisions following a recent string of major campaign finance and money-in-politics cases, most prominently

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Dark Money May Get A Little Brighter

Voters are finally beginning to learn who is funding political campaigns in their states. According to a recent poll conducted by the National Conference of State Legislatures, thirty-eight states are considering new disclosure laws that would require dark money organizations to disclose donors, including one proposed in Arkansas by Representative Clarke Tucker. Dark money groups have become highly influential in

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“Snapchat Generation” Lists Corruption as Public Enemy No. 1

Republican pollster Frank Luntz recently released polling data on what he is calling the “Snapchat Generation,”  and it shows that young people are deeply concerned about corruption in America. “Corruption” is Public Enemy No. 1 to young Americans. They think it’s rampant, from Wall Street to Washington, and this rejection of corruption underlies all of their public policy opinions.” Luntz

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Limiting Political Corruption Through Ethics Rules

This is the third installment of our blog series on Blueprints for Democracy, a new collection of solutions policymakers can implement to give everyone a greater say in their democracy. Read the full series here. When you think of corruption, you might envision the classic “backroom deal.” Voluminous cigar smoke rises in a low-lit room. A shady character hands a

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Number One Fear For Americans: Corruption

According to Chapman University’s new Survey of American Fears, Halloween isn’t what scares Americans most. Corruption of government officials, which made 58 percent of respondents “Afraid” or “Very Afraid,” topped the list, above terrorism (traditional, cyber- and bio-), economic collapse and credit card fraud. The idea that our government acts not for voters, but for donors, is truly a scary

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Pay-to-Play is Bad for Business

Growing up, my father would often tell stories of his days as a professional musician. A major lesson he imparted on me is that a musician should never pay to perform. Venues charge artists in order to exploit young, inexperienced acts seeking an audience and recognition. Never let anyone take advantage of your ability, he would say. In politics, however,

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