Catfish cronyism in Congress

This letter to the editor originally appeared in the Washington Post. It is in response to an earlier article about two catfish inspection offices in the federal government. The June 14 Food article “Has Congress given blue catfish a free pass?” reminded us that when money is the bait, Washington cannot help but go on a fishing expedition in search of

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Issue One’s memo to President-Elect Trump’s administration

“Crony capitalism gives us special interest tax breaks, custom-designed regulations and special exemptions for favored parties.” So said the Republican platform adopted this past summer at the Republican convention, which called for an end to cronyism and the sweetheart deals between private interests and government. These sentiments were echoed by candidate Donald Trump throughout his run for the presidency, (“The

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Paul Ryan: Republicans could do more to fight crony capitalism

House Speaker Paul Ryan, you’re almost there. You said that Republicans hate crony capitalism in an interview with Politico’s Glenn Thrush. You even went one step further and admitted, “Republicans need to do a better job going after crony capitalism.” Heck, you gave a shout-out to democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders! “Cronyism, is in a weird way, what Bernie Sanders

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