Drain the swamp

Chief of Policy, Programs and Strategy Meredith McGehee named 2017 Rising Star of Advocacy by Roll Call

Issue One’s Chief of Policy, Programs and Strategy Meredith McGehee has been working on government ethics-related issues in Washington for decades. Roll Call just named McGehee one of the Rising Stars of Advocacy on Capitol Hill.   The paper defines the Rising Stars as “people who now wield power and influence in a Washington that has been turned upside down

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Here’s how President Trump’s Speech Should Have Addressed Draining the Swamp

In his joint address to Congress last night, President Trump laid out a broad agenda, from jobs and health care, to taxes and national security, for change in Washington. However, it failed to address the real culprit behind gridlock in Washington: the undue influence moneyed interests have on decision-making by elected and appointed officials. While the executive order on ethics

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Issue One’s memo to President-Elect Trump’s administration

“Crony capitalism gives us special interest tax breaks, custom-designed regulations and special exemptions for favored parties.” So said the Republican platform adopted this past summer at the Republican convention, which called for an end to cronyism and the sweetheart deals between private interests and government. These sentiments were echoed by candidate Donald Trump throughout his run for the presidency, (“The

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