Issue One commends minibus conferees for including provision to create e-filing system for Senate candidates as part of the FY19 Legislative Branch appropriations bill

Today, the Senate Appropriations Committee and House Appropriations Committee announced an agreement on H.R. 5895, the minibus appropriations package for fiscal year 2019 comprised of the Energy and Water Development; Military Construction and Veterans Affairs; and Legislative Branch Appropriations Acts. Issue One urges the House and Senate to act swiftly to approve this legislation in the wake of the news

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Broad coalition urges Minibus conferees to support provision to increase political transparency and save taxpayers money

Issue One was joined today by 22 other organizations from across the ideological spectrum in urging all members of the Minibus Appropriations Conference Committee to support a provision in the FY19 Legislative Branch Appropriations bill that would require Senate candidates to join all other federal candidates in electronically filing their campaign finance reports. This provision — based on stand-alone, bipartisan

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How long does it take to access Senate campaign finance reports? The answer might surprise you.

All federal candidates were required to file their second-quarter campaign finance reports on Sunday, but how quickly the public can access the information in these documents depends on what kind of candidate you are. For most federal candidates, like those running for the House or presidency, filing is a straightforward activity — and documents are available instantaneously online. For Senate

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The $400,000 Question: Does Mitch McConnell now support Senate e-filing?

Congress finally passed an omnibus budget deal today, after tense negotiations that nearly resulted in another federal government shutdown. While neither Democrats nor Republicans were thrilled with the contents of the final bill, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is bound to be disappointed. He went to bat for several riders to loosen campaign finance restrictions and increase the flow of secret

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