Reform Victories on Election Night in Maine and Seattle

Last night, reform won big. At the time of writing, Mainers have approved the Clean Elections initiative with more than 55 percent of the vote and I-122, with its novel system of “democracy vouchers,” has garnered more than 60 percent of the vote in Seattle. These victories follow a number of past successes and reflect a clear step toward further

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This Election Day: A Chance for Campaign Finance Reform in Maine and Seattle

If you’re from Maine or Seattle, you’re probably used to high-quality seafood, lovely forests and the smell of the ocean on the wind. There’s now one more thing that could soon link residents of the northern corners: meaningful campaign finance reform. Come Tuesday, November 3, Seattleites and Mainers will have the chance to enact initiatives that would empower citizens to

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What’s Happening in the States? July 2015 Edition

We’ve entered the dog days of summer, but around the country, states and municipalities are working toward reducing the influence of money in politics. In this post, we highlight some of the innovative reforms being made nationwide. For more state-level action, check out last month’s entry, and this comprehensive list from Politico. The Tempe, Arizona City Council will reportedly discuss

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