Montana Shines Light on Dark Money in Politics

Montana took a big step in the reform world today by shining a light on money in state politics. Residents can now view state campaign contribution reports immediately after publication, ensuring every voter and constituent knows who’s spending what to influence their ballots and their leaders. As non-statewide candidates are also now required to file finance reports, the Commissioner of

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Solutions 101: Highlighting Disclosure in States and Cities

A number of states and localities have made disclosure reform a priority, producing innovations worth emulating. These institutions, unrestricted by congressional gridlock, offer proving grounds for a variety of reforms. New York City The New York City Campaign Finance Board exemplifies the idea that disclosure reports can be made both accessible and comprehensive. The Board fully audits each candidate’s campaign finance

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What’s Happening in the States? July 2015 Edition

We’ve entered the dog days of summer, but around the country, states and municipalities are working toward reducing the influence of money in politics. In this post, we highlight some of the innovative reforms being made nationwide. For more state-level action, check out last month’s entry, and this comprehensive list from Politico. The Tempe, Arizona City Council will reportedly discuss

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