Nick Penniman

Washington are you listening? Bipartisan reform framework aims to end business-as-usual in Congress

Today, Issue One and the ReFormers Caucus launched an ambitious policy framework that aims to kickstart a bipartisan conversation in Washington about how to “drain the swamp,” get Congress back to working for the American people and make government more accountable and transparent. Our framework, titled “Returning Government to the American People,” is the result of months of deliberation with

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Statement of Nick Penniman: “We must return government to the people”

I’ve worked in Washington for more than a decade — as magazine publisher and editor and now executive director of Issue One. I’ve seen more brilliant ideas than you can imagine in this town collect dust on shelves or disappear entirely because the political parties are too busy chasing donors rather than solving problems. There are whole issues of policy

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Were you listening, Mr. President?

“What we need is a real debate between candidates right now about exactly what they would do to fix this problem.” Executive Director Nick Penniman talked with C-SPAN’s Washington Journal and answered calls from viewers around the country about why voters need to demand real solutions from candidates for elected office—whether state representative, member of Congress or the next president.

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