Pay to Play

White House OMB Director pulls back curtain on the worst of Washington

Issue One ReFormers Caucus Co-chair former Amb. Tim Roemer (D-IN) issued the following statement in response to White House Office of Management and Budget Director and former member of Congress Mick Mulvaney’s admission that campaign contributions were a requirement for meetings with his congressional office.  “Sadly, we have yet another candid example of the wretched pay-to-play system in Washington, DC. Director Mulvaney

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Limiting Political Corruption Through Ethics Rules

This is the third installment of our blog series on Blueprints for Democracy, a new collection of solutions policymakers can implement to give everyone a greater say in their democracy. Read the full series here. When you think of corruption, you might envision the classic “backroom deal.” Voluminous cigar smoke rises in a low-lit room. A shady character hands a

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Pay-to-Play is Bad for Business

Growing up, my father would often tell stories of his days as a professional musician. A major lesson he imparted on me is that a musician should never pay to perform. Venues charge artists in order to exploit young, inexperienced acts seeking an audience and recognition. Never let anyone take advantage of your ability, he would say. In politics, however,

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DC Court Upholds Pay-to-Play Ban

Some great news came out of the courts Tuesday, as the DC Court of Appeals upheld a law barring federal contractors from making contributions in federal elections. The ban, which has been in place since 1940, is designed to prevent a pay-to-play system by which companies can only receive contracts by donating to elected officials. Issue One supports these bans,

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