Foundations, it’s time to give 1% of your assets to fix Democracy

This op-ed by Nick Penniman and Ian Simmons originally appeared in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Today, the foundations of our republic are cracking. The rule of law, the underpinning of our entire system of government, is being challenged from the White House. Foreign powers are interfering in our elections. Congress is gridlocked and consumed by hyperpartisanship. Only half of Americans believe the 2020 elections will be

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Donors who want social change should do more to fix democracy

This op-ed originally appeared in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. For every generation of Americans there arises a critical and often unexpected challenge that demands thoughtful, effective, and cooperative action in the public interest. For Americans today, the most vital possible cause is at stake. That is the issue that contains and defines all other issues in our civic life: the

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