New polls agree: Americans are over money in politics

Amid the Republican Convention in Cleveland and the upcoming Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, the media and various organizations have been polling the public on what they think of the election. One storyline has consistently rung true: the people are fed up with the amount of money in our politics. First, let’s look at the youngest voting bloc — millennials —

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New Poll Shows Money in Politics Is A Top Voting Concern

Download the results from Ipsos here, and our toplines and analysis here.  Americans believe reducing the influence of money in politics is one of the top five most important issues facing the country ahead of the November elections, according to a new Issue One-Ipsos national poll. The results suggest there is a disconnect between the public’s priorities and their elected officials’

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“Snapchat Generation” Lists Corruption as Public Enemy No. 1

Republican pollster Frank Luntz recently released polling data on what he is calling the “Snapchat Generation,”  and it shows that young people are deeply concerned about corruption in America. “Corruption” is Public Enemy No. 1 to young Americans. They think it’s rampant, from Wall Street to Washington, and this rejection of corruption underlies all of their public policy opinions.” Luntz

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This Holiday Season, Bond With Your Family Over Campaign Finance (Seriously)

The holidays are approaching which means it’s time to start picking up presents, brainstorming new year’s resolutions and, of course, thinking of ways to talk about the 2016 elections with your family without inciting a shouting match. Here’s a suggestion: Talk about something that everyone agrees is a problem—money in politics. New polling from Pew Research shows that 76 percent

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