Issue One Recruits Six Strong Conservatives to Push Congress on Ethics and Political Reform

While Congress remains deeply divided by partisan party politics, Issue One continues to bring together both parties around common-sense solutions to fix our broken political system. A new wave of six Republican lawmakers just joined our ReFormers Caucus. They include: Florida Rep. David Jolly introduced the Stop Act in the 114th Congress to curb lawmakers’ fundraising activities, and spoke candidly

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Look Who is Right on the Money

Before Donald Trump was for accepting donations from wealthy donors, he was attacking it. But as one Republican said, “If there is one thing that unites both parties up here, it’s money.” Today, we’re launching a new resource called “Right on the Money” to highlight conservative and Republican research, polling and statements from elected officials, thought-leaders and voters about what we believe

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Campaign Finance, a Top Issue to Voters, Undiscussed in Fox GOP Debate

Homeland security, taxes, the size of government, campaign finance. Of these issues, the top four being mentioned on Facebook, only one was left undiscussed in last night’s Fox Business GOP presidential primary debate. Americans care deeply about the level of money in our elections, which makes its omission last night deeply troubling. The debate focused on the economy and business,

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Republican Former FEC Chair Calls Out Republicans

Former FEC Chair and Issue One Adviser Trevor Potter makes a lot of great points in this Politico op-ed about the current tragic state of our campaign finance system, calling out everyone from the FEC to the Supreme Court to the IRS. The whole piece is definitely worth a read, but the most interesting couple of paragraphs call out the

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