Issue One announces “Returning Government to the American People” framework for reform

On Wednesday, December 14, at 9:00 a.m. at the National Press Club, Issue One and our ReFormers Caucus will publicly roll out a new bipartisan framework titled “Returning Government to the American People.” (See event details below.) The framework lays out specific proposals for returning our government to the representative path the founders envisioned, and is intended to serve as

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Former Democratic Chief Fundraiser: “Millennials, not Money!”

Issue One advisory board member Alan Solomont is out with an op-ed in Roll Call with a simple call to action: to get millennial participation in politics up, we’ve got to reduce the influence of money in politics. The op-ed marks the second anniversary of a little-known Supreme Court case called McCutcheon vs. FEC, which eliminated caps on the total amount

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Small Donors Will Fund Tallahassee 2016 Elections

Today’s reminder that reform isn’t just about winning an election!  Tallahassee, Florida, where a Tea Party/progressive grassroots alliance passed strong new ethics rules and citizen-funding of elections, is officially turning on the engine of their new system. The 2014 ballot initiative was backed by 67 percent of voters, and is proof that the push for a stronger democracy transcends party lines. Back

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Why doesn’t Missouri already have these basic ethics laws?

File this one under “Obvious, Captain.”: Missourians overwhelmingly support tougher ethics laws for public officials, according to a new poll. Ethics rules are some of the least discussed (but most critical) aspects of a strong, robust campaign finance system. When elected officials are truly beholden to the people they represent instead of special interests who may try to influence our

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Time to Fix the FEC, the Most Broken Agency in Washington

Among the many solutions that could be enacted today without a constitutional amendment, perhaps one of the most important is an overhaul of the notoriously dysfunctional Federal Election Commission. Charged with enforcing existing campaign finance rules, this agency is so gridlocked by partisan politics that commissioners not only have failed to prevent super PACs and other outside spenders from dominating

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What Sanders and Clinton get wrong about Citizens United

In one of the most exciting moments of the entire 2016 campaign, Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders made the case for why money in politics reform is issue one. Yet they continue to focus on the wrong aspects of our broken system: Citizens United. Both candidates have spent months on the campaign trail explaining the insidious connections between

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Standing Room Only at Brookings Event on Solutions to Citizens United

On the sixth anniversary of the disastrous Citizens United decision, it’s clearer now more than ever that momentum is on the side of reformers. That was the conclusion of Thursday’s Solutions Summit at the Brookings Institution, where an exciting and diverse group gathered to discuss the crisis in our democracy and how to reduce money’s influence on our politics. Participants

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Montana Shines Light on Dark Money in Politics

Montana took a big step in the reform world today by shining a light on money in state politics. Residents can now view state campaign contribution reports immediately after publication, ensuring every voter and constituent knows who’s spending what to influence their ballots and their leaders. As non-statewide candidates are also now required to file finance reports, the Commissioner of

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Democrats’ Chief Fundraiser Quits from Too Much Fundraising

Rep. Steve Israel, the Democratic Party’s chief fundraiser, announced his retirement today from Congress. Why is he leaving office after eight terms? “I don’t think I can spend another day in another call room making another call begging for money,” Mr. Israel told the New York Times. This constant grind to finance reelections is known as “fundraising fatigue,” and it’s

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Congress needs to act immediately to provide states with the emergency federal funding they need to run safe, secure and credible elections in November. The previous federal funding was an important down payment, but reports from state and local election officials indicate substantially more federal emergency assistance is needed as soon as possible. Issue One and many others are working to convince Senators to vote in July for more funding so that our November elections are safe, secure, and fair.