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Clinton and Trump agree on the problem, it’s time for solutions

As Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump prepare for their town-hall style debate at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri on Sunday, it is important to remember they agree on one thing: special interests are stifling our democracy. The outsize influence of money in politics is something voters feel acutely. Daily stories of pay-to-play politics abound—from EpiPen price hikes, the revolving

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Money in politics at the conventions: a round-up

The two weeks that span the two rival conventions are some of the craziest days in all of politics. The party elite and loyal descend on a city for four days, while protesters, journalists and, of course, lobbyists crowd around them. This year has been no exception. Here is a round-up of the money-in-politics news that has emerged from Cleveland

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Why Renee Ellmers Is Being Primaried by Special Interests

Renee Ellmers has an election today – and she’s in trouble. A Republican congresswoman from North Carolina elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010, Ellmers is facing two primary challengers after an irregular mid-decade redistricting. But the two opposing candidates are not her only challenges. She’s also the target of at least six-figures of spending in political ads and

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