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Congress has a new job description: Whistleblower

On Sunday’s 60 Minutes program, two members of Congress blew the whistle on the “shameful” practice of fundraising 30 hours a week. Imagine that. Thirty hours is a full work-week for most white-collar Americans once you subtract lunch breaks, browsing Facebook and chatting in the breakroom. Rather than doing the job they were elected to do—putting our nation’s fiscal house

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Money in Politics is a Crisis—And John Oliver Just Proved it

Let’s stop giving members of Congress a pass. Here’s what I mean: While the media, and even the presidential candidates themselves, rail against super PACs, our democracy is being hollowed out by a problem that existed long before Citizens United—“hard money” fundraising by Congress. Last night, on Last Week Tonight, show host John Oliver absolutely eviscerated Congress for members’ endless

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