Issue One launches new “Truthtellers” video series with millennial conservative Weston Wamp exposing massive election disinformation campaign

Today, Issue One released the first episode in its new “Truthtellers” video series that exposes the massive disinformation campaign about the 2020 election that former President Trump and his supporters continue to spread. Each episode, narrated by Weston Wamp, millennial conservative, former Republican House candidate, and host of Issue One’s “Swamp Stories” podcast, sets the record straight for the many

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New video from Issue One highlights the alarming, outsized influence of ultra-wealthy donors

Issue One published a new video today to highlight the alarming, outsized influence that a handful of ultra-wealthy donors have in the post-Citizens United era. The video raises awareness of the need for reforms that help make our political system more responsive to the needs of all Americans, and comes at a time when debate in Washington about sweeping

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15 years since bipartisan law passed tackling money in politics. Here’s what has changed since then

Fifteen years ago today, Republican President George W. Bush signed into law the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, which tackled some of the most egregious campaign finance problems of the day. Most notably, the law prohibited political parties from raising unlimited donations from individuals, corporations and unions, so-called “soft money” contributions. The measure, also known as McCain-Feingold after its

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