Voting in 2020

Ensuring that the 2020 November election is safe, secure, and fair

In light of the unprecedented disruption posed by the coronavirus pandemic, and as a continuation of our work to protect the integrity of our elections, Issue One has been working tirelessly to make sure Americans can cast their vote safely and securely this November. 

Our work advocates for measures such as expanded early voting, absentee voting, and safe in-person voting. Central to this effort, Issue One has been organizing with partners in both parties in Congress and around the nation, as well as groups from across the political spectrum to win increased federal funding to states so they are able to offer a range of ways to safely vote.

We’re running a vigorous lobbying operation on Capitol Hill; we launched a robust social media campaign with members of the Fix the System Coalition to build public support in targeted states; we were quoted in the media as a leading voice on the topic; and we played a key role in coordinating efforts nationwide. 

Our work played an instrumental role in winning a much-needed down payment of $400 million in funding in the Phase III stimulus bill to help states prepare for their elections. We continue to work  to ensure states get the resources they need in time for the November elections.


“In the midst of a presidential election year, about two-thirds (66%) say they wouldn’t feel comfortable going to a polling place to vote.”

March 2020 Pew Poll

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Congress needs to act immediately to provide states with the emergency federal funding they need to run safe, secure and credible elections in November. The previous federal funding was an important down payment, but reports from state and local election officials indicate substantially more federal emergency assistance is needed as soon as possible. Issue One and many others are working to convince Senators to vote in July for more funding so that our November elections are safe, secure, and fair.