Were you listening, Mr. President?

“What we need is a real debate between candidates right now about exactly what they would do to fix this problem.”

Executive Director Nick Penniman talked with C-SPAN’s Washington Journal and answered calls from viewers around the country about why voters need to demand real solutions from candidates for elected office—whether state representative, member of Congress or the next president. (Watch the whole segment here.)

For example, President Obama could sign an executive order to require full disclosure of political spending by federal contractors.

Dave from Nevada called in on Sunday and said it best, “The biggest problem is the House and Senate.”

That is why we are marshalling more than 130 former representatives, senators, governors and political leaders to demand Congress take action now and begin to lead again on the issue of how we finance our elections.

Want to know more about small-dollar matching systems in states around the country, what the next steps are for the Supreme Court after the Citizens United decision or how to put a real cop on the money-in-politics beat?

Watch the full segment. It is worth it, we promise.