Why It Matters

American Democracy is the best way to solve problems.

America’s political system is broken.

Congress is paralyzed by partisan gridlock and cannot address the long-term challenges facing our country. Long-standing ethical norms and laws are being violated. Dark money is playing an ever-increasing role in our politics. Foreign actors are tampering with our elections. Voters feel alienated from their government and question its ability to deliver results for their families and communities.

4 out of 5

voters in the 2018 election supported bipartisan political reform.

It’s time for a change.

We must increase citizen participation in our politics, attract better leaders, produce better results for the American people, reduce the influence of big money, and re-inspire others around the world who long for liberty and self-government.

<15 percent

of Americans have a great deal of faith in Congress.

Fix the political system to solve our nation’s problems.

For many decades, we have taken for granted the systems that undergird our democracy, and, in the process, we have neglected them. We must fix the political system so we can solve our nation’s problems.


70 percent

of Republicans, Democrats and independents outside of Washington agree that Congress should work in a bipartisan fashion to address these issues.

Now is the time.

We have a historic opportunity to win significant reforms. That’s why Issue One is leading a movement of Republicans, Democrats and independents to fix the system so our democracy works for us.

Read “Why We Left Congress: How the Legislative Branch Is Broken and What We Can Do About It”

Issue One’s new joint report with the R Street Institute examines the legislative branch’s dysfunction through conversations with members who have voluntarily departed in the 2018 cycle. Read the full report and proposed solutions in “Why We Left Congress: How the Legislative Branch is Broken and What We Can Do About Ithere.