For Americans, democracy is issue one.

But our broken political system stands in the way of progress on the issues we care most about. That is why we unite Republican, Democratic, and independent leaders to win meaningful political reforms and return government to the American people.


The latest: Coordination Watch — How candidates and outside groups work together to evade anti-corruption laws.


We’re Leading a Movement

of Republicans, Democrats, and independents

The ReFormers Caucus

We bring together more than 200 former elected leaders
from both parties to champion reform

Protecting Our Elections

We work with and recruit members of Congress in both parties to support
strong legislation to protect our elections from foreign interference

Legislative Advocacy

We advocate for bipartisan legislation aimed at strengthening
ethics and accountability in government and political system

Groundbreaking Research

We conduct original analysis and solutions-oriented
investigations into the political system

Building New Coalitions

We recruit voices from outside Washington to the
cause of defending democracy and lasting reform

We Need You

Get involved with solutions to fix democracy.

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