McGehee is one of the nation’s foremost experts on Congress and ethics in politics and has been described as one of the most in-the-know persons about lobbying, money-in-politics, media policy and the Washington, D.C. political scene. She has been recognized eleven times by The Hill newspaper, including 2018, as one of the top nonprofit grassroots advocates in Washington. McGehee is frequently sought out in the national print and television news media as an honest broker and veteran policy expert who holds both parties accountable to the same standards. She is a regular speaker at universities and organizations around the country. Prior to serving as executive director of Issue One, she spent decades working across the ethics and political reform landscape both in Washington and in states around the country. She also worked on Capitol Hill for six years and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, West Africa and is a Phi Beta Kappa, cum laude graduate of Pomona College in California.


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We just launched a social media campaign in states around the country about the need for Congress to include funding in the Phase III stimulus bill to give every voter the choice of voting early and voting by mail.

Watch the ad and read our statement.

Voters waiting in line at polling place with voter here sign in forefront