Why It Matters

America’s political system is broken.

Congress is paralyzed by partisan gridlock and cannot address the long-term challenges facing our country. Long-standing ethical norms and laws are being violated. Dark money is playing an ever-increasing role in our politics. Foreign actors are tampering with our elections. Voters feel alienated from their government and question its ability to deliver results for their families and communities.

of Americans believe people who donate a lot of money to elected officials have more influence than others.

Source: Pew Research Center

of Americans think our democracy is weakening, “evidence of a crisis of confidence.”

Source: Freedom House, the George W. Bush Institute, and the Penn Biden Center

of Americans now cite the future of our nation as their main source of stress.

Source: American Psychological Association

of young Americans have more fear than hope about the future of democracy in America.

Source: Harvard Youth Poll

of voters in the 2018 election supported bipartisan political reform, including reducing the influence of big money in politics.

Source: Issue One election-eve poll

of voters want fixing our political system and reducing the role of big money to be a top priority for the 116th Congress.

Source: Issue One election-eve poll

Now is the time.

We have a historic opportunity to fix our political system so our democracy works for us.

That’s why Issue One is uniting Republicans, Democrats, and independents in the movement to increase transparency, strengthen ethics and accountability, and reduce the role of big money in politics.