Why It Matters

When our elected officials spend all their time raising money, they have no time for the real work of governing: crafting policy that makes our lives better. Making government work for the people is issue one.

$3 Billion

More money is spent lobbying Congress ($3 billion) than is spent running Congress ($2 billion).


Members of Congress spend more than half of their time fundraising, not governing.


In 2010 just .26 percent of the population accounted for over two-thirds of congressional campaign contributions.

We are in this together

When our founders created our system of self-government, it was the greatest political innovation in history. But today, government is no longer responsive to the people because our politics is dominated by money, creating a rigged system where most Americans are shut out of the political process.

The issue affects us all

When well-financed corporations, unions and special interests get their way and major campaign donors dominate both political parties, we lose the opportunity to have our voices heard. Politicians have to spend as much as half of their time raising campaign money, meaning they have less time to spend serving their communities. We have to live with the consequences: We can’t rise to our greatest challenges because we can’t pass the policies we need.

Together, we can fix this

The good news is, it’s fixable. We know that there are solutions that work—in fact, there are solutions that are already working in cities and states across the country. We may disagree about specific policies, but together, we have the opportunity to be a part of a long history of perfecting our union and expanding our right to free speech. Our country can only thrive when everyone’s ideas are heard. We, the people, must unite to ensure that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Making government work for the people is issue one.

American democracy is in crisis. Join the nearly 200 former members of Congress—Republicans and Democrats—who have signed the Declaration to Renew the Founders’ Promise to say: “Enough.” Sign the declaration today and Fix Politics Now.